Gamejam entry: Wood Bird Egg Dig

Late April 2014 unleashed the fury of Ludum Dare 29 and saw me having moved from Australia to Northern Ireland. I was lucky to compete in this competition at all, given I had no Internet connection besides an occasional single-bar of signal on my phone.

The theme was 'Beneath the Surface' and I spent a day and a half working on a very ambitious dystopian future where the player flies a fragile craft through rocky canyons and craters (ala Hardwar's Titan).

Three quarters of the way through the competition I realised I was not going to make the deadline and make the executive decision to nuke the game and start anew. Hard Mode activated.

Ludum Dare is 48 hours long, and in that time you need to design and build your game, eat, sleep and take care of whatever other bodily and social functions are required of you. Having only half a day was stressful, but it was also quite liberating. There was no time for well planned design, aesthetic considerations or optimised performance. Instead everything had to be kept as simple and keen as possible, and I feel the end product benefited as a result.

Wood Bird 1

Wood Bird Egg Dig (no time spared on name considerations) involves guiding a woodpecker through a tile maze of wooden blocks that can only be pecked 'along the grain'. Horizontally grained wood can only be pecked from left or right, vertically grained wood from above. Additionally there are blocks that can only be pecked from the left and other that can only be pecked from the right. The goal of the game is simply to dig as deep ('Beneath the surface') as possible.

Wood Bird 2

Wood Bird ranked #100th for fun and #144th overall of 2496 entries, which I am rather proud of considering the slim time window I spent on the game.

Wood Bird Egg Dig is also available as a free game for Apple iOS devices