Gamejam entry: Mr Snowman Visits Forbidden Temple

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In the frozen chill of early December 2014 Ludum Dare crystalised in the upper atmosphere of the gameosphere and fell on my head like a block of terrible metaphor.

The prescribed theme was 'Entire Game on One Screen', which was a bit of a shock winner. Obviously this calls for a blind maze for the player to stumble through.

Mr Snowman

I tried to present the game as being aimed at small children, but frankly things get quite disturbing by the end and the game really isn't suitable for anyone, never mind kids.

Forbidden Temple

The maze is navigated via guiding Mr Snowman to red and blue buttons that reconfigure the 'temple' floor when he plops onto them.

As the player progresses through the maze, the audio becomes increasingly distorted and subverted. When in proximity to the goal, single frames of 'disturbing imagery' (me pulling a face) flash briefly onscreen. Winning the game rewards the player with a reasonably horrible 'cinematic' and then a truly horrible song. The horribleness here stems primarily from my inability to sing and the late hour at which I recorded it.

Despite my singing, Mr Snowman ranked #93rd in humour, #95th in audio and #132nd overall of 2640 entries.

There's also something of a 'map' available here if you get stuck :)