Gamejam entry: qong

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qong title This month's mini ludumdare was hosted by bitslap, who picked the highly original (and probably copyright infringing) theme 'pong'. At his indirect recommendation I decided to use the dawnbringer colour palette and got to work on a two player top-down tennis like, with a dash of block busting action thrown in for good measure.

qong title screen

I finished a little over 24 hours after starting, and the game is a little short on polish and has a few physics quirks as a result. The graphics are servicable, the basic spartan art helped considerably by the nice dawnbringer palette. Audio was produced in renoise and consists primarily of myself saying 'qong'. This is how true art is made.


Gameplay consists of a 60 second round in which players compete to get the highest score. Points are awarded for breaking blocks and getting your ball into the goal on the opposite side of the screen (defended by your opponent). Points are lost for letting balls of your own colour into your goal.


The centre of the play field contains a special block that when broken will usually trigger a multiball for the player that hits it. However, 1 time in 4 the block will instead activate 'popcorn' mode, filling the screen with balls.

I hope you appreciate the complete lack of ball jokes in this post. It was as much a challenge as creating qong.