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Gamejam entry: Mr Snowman Visits Forbidden Temple

Free download from itch.io In the frozen chill of early December 2014 Ludum Dare crystalised in the upper atmosphere of the gameosphere and fell on my head like a block of terrible metaphor. The prescribed theme was 'Entire Game on One Screen', which was a bit of a shock

Gamejam entry: Bird of Prey

My first #7DFPS entry, and my first gamejam where I specifically targeted touchscreen / mobile devices. You can download it for free from voxel.itch.io. Over the course of a week #7DFPS entrants are tasked with creating a 'first person shooter', preferably with some distinguishing feature. I took out the

Gamejam entry: Hyposonix Spirit

This was my first entry into a 'mini-ld', a mini Ludum Dare with relaxed or special rules, this time with the theme 'IT'S A RACE'. This entry is a little more 'experimental' than most. I made a racing rhythm game where oncoming obstacles must be avoided else time penalties are

Gamejam entry: SSX

August 2014: Ludum Dare 30, theme: 'Connected Worlds'. Having seen a video of Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne in action I felt inspired to try my hand at making a similar game over the Ludum Weekend. 'Super Shaker X' (named for the generous serving of screen-shake it includes) was the result. It

Gamejam entry: Wood Bird Egg Dig

Late April 2014 unleashed the fury of Ludum Dare 29 and saw me having moved from Australia to Northern Ireland. I was lucky to compete in this competition at all, given I had no Internet connection besides an occasional single-bar of signal on my phone. The theme was 'Beneath the

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