Reactor Solitaire

You can play Reactor here. Sometime in my childhood I played a German solitaire card game on the family computer (a venerable Commodore Amiga 500). The »

One hour gamejams

Indie game developer and part time personal masseuse bitslap has been running weekly game jams lasting only one hour from the #ludumdare irc channel on afternet »

Gamejam entry: qong

Free download from This month's mini ludumdare was hosted by bitslap, who picked the highly original (and probably copyright infringing) theme 'pong'. At his »

Gamejam entry: Banjaxed

Towards the end of January 2015 I participated in my first Global Game Jam, a 48 hour game development event where the entrants meet up in »

Gamejam entry: Bird of Prey

My first #7DFPS entry, and my first gamejam where I specifically targeted touchscreen / mobile devices. You can download it for free from Over »

Gamejam entry: Hyposonix Spirit

This was my first entry into a 'mini-ld', a mini Ludum Dare with relaxed or special rules, this time with the theme 'IT'S A RACE'. This »

Gamejam entry: SSX

August 2014: Ludum Dare 30, theme: 'Connected Worlds'. Having seen a video of Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne in action I felt inspired to try my hand at »

Gamejam entry: Wood Bird Egg Dig

Late April 2014 unleashed the fury of Ludum Dare 29 and saw me having moved from Australia to Northern Ireland. I was lucky to compete in »

Original game: Gemwords

Gemwords was my first attempt at a commercial game. It's a gem matching puzzler with anagrams and weird downtempo ambient zen space music. Right. Gems are »

Gamejam entry: Unessential

April 2013 saw Ludum Dare's 26th iteration, with the theme 'Minimalism'. I chose to spend as much time as possible polishing the visuals and audio for »

Gamejam entry: Terra Bellum

Ludum Dare 23 took place in April 2012 with the theme 'Tiny World'. After throwing away a number of happy tiny biosphere gardening ideas, I decided »

Gamejam entry: Mountain

For Ludum Dare 22 in December of 2011, I decided to learn Unity3D in 48 hours. After all, Unity was supposed to be the new super »

Gamejam entry: INFALL

After missing Ludum Dare 20, I returned in August 2011 for Ludum Dare 21 ready to try my hand at a 3D entry. Equipped with Panda3D »

Gamejam entry: Disc Over Y

For Ludum Dare 19 in December of 2010, I had a go at developing a game in C++ for the first time, using the Allegro library. »